What We Do

With A Bullet’s focus is on the artist…

Building their careers and taking them to the next level. When you are in the market for radio promotion services, contact us and tell us about your project. After our initial discussion we will take the time to make a proper assessment of potential radio targets/formats based on your genre, radio history if any, and by analyzing current radio playlists and charts. We will present you with a well thought out strategy/action plan that you can use to help decide whether or not you wish to retain our services.


Commercial Radio Promotion

Rock, Modern Rock, CHR, Hot AC, AC, Country, Jazz, Urban

In Canada there are six main formats of commercial radio stations. AC (Adult Contemporary), Hot AC, CHR (Top 40), Country, Rock, and Modern Rock. There are also a handful of Jazz and Urban stations. Based on our agreed upon strategy, your single will be worked to the appropriate format(s) for a predetermined length of time. On average a single takes approximately three months to run its course, however there are many exceptions to this (for example a brand new AC artist may take 6+ months to develop.)

While results cannot be guaranteed, we always do our best to ensure that you receive the maximum possible exposure for your project and that you will be properly represented to the stations and in their music meetings. With A Bullet will provide you with station by station feedback in our weekly reports.

Campus / CBC / Online Radio / Podcasts / Satellite Radio

Indie, Genre-Specific, Multi-Format, Specialty Programming

These outlets can be handled as a separate package or in combination with mainstream radio depending on your project’s needs and strategic goals. This can be a great way to create initial buzz for a project before launching a commercial radio campaign, or if the project calls for it, we can launch a full commercial campaign in tandem with a campus/online/satellite campaign. CBC radio is another fantastic outlet that’s available to Canadian artists.

Campus, CBC, online and Satellite radio stations can require full albums to be sent (instead of a single) and your progress therefore is tracked by album as well. Each campus station publishes it’s own chart plus there are two national Top 50 campus charts (Ear Shot and Chart Attack) that compile their data from a range of reporting stations.


Additional Opportunities   Contests, Interviews, Giveaways, Promotional Events, Station Performances

With A Bullet will look for any opportunities to help solidify the relationship between the artist and the station once the connection has been made. After a station adds your song our focus shifts to maximizing spin counts, increasing rotation, and seeking out additional avenues to reinforce artist-to-song recognition. These avenues include pitching the artist for special station events, opportunities with the artist on the station website, interviews and on-air performances, or promotional contest and giveaway opportunities.

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Tracking: Your music will be tracked through weekly calls, emails, and in-person station-visits (where possible) to all target radio stations.
Reporting: Weekly reports are sent with updates on Radio Station feedback, adds/features, chart positions, spin counts, etc.
Promotions: We will pitch, arrange, and schedule interviews, contests, giveaways, and promotional opportunities with supporting radio stations to further establish your profile.